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How do I know my boiler is not working properly?

There are several signs that will let you know you need expert help immediately:

  1. you can feel smell of gas in your house;
  2. the pressure in your boiler or central heating system is higher or lower than usual (often it is higher);
  3. the pilot light is either yellow, or orange, instead of blue;
  4. you can hear noises coming from your boiler/ central heating system.
If there is a gas leak, is it safe to stay in the house and wait for your engineers?

You can ensure the safety of you and your family by following the next steps:

  1. Open widely all doors and windows.
  2. Turn off all gas sources.
  3. Don’t switch any electrical device on or off, not even the light.
  4. Leave your house or apartment.
  5. Call for certified help immediately, at (020) 2145 1046.


Will you repair my electrical wiring, central heating, boiler etc., even if it was a different company doing the initial installation?

Of course. Our mission is to bring safety to your home. Who did the initial work is of no importance to us. Heating and electrical systems degrade physically with time, and we are here to prolong their life and prevent accidents.

How often should I get my boiler and central heating system checked by an expert?

Every 12 months. Even with the best installation and maintenance work, heating systems need periodic check up. Gas is not something you want to postpone dealing with, because physical and chemical faults can occur silently and do irreversible damage. Get a professional check once a year and your home will be out of any related risks.


Are all services you provide available 24/7?

Yes, they are. However, we prioritize emergencies in the night time, between 8 pm and 8 am, and address the other situations the following morning. Basically, no matter what the issues is, our experts will arrive at your home in a few hours’ time.

Are the prices for your services higher at night?

We do not chose the moment when our boiler or heating system breaks or starts leaking gas. This is why Emergency Heat does not charge any extra fees for services provided at late hours. We will do our best to make your home safe and comfortable, and not bring any new worries to your mind.

Can I pay in installments?

Yes, installment payment is possible. Over a period of 6 or 12 months, up to you. The price for our service will stay exactly the same, regardless if paid on spot, to our expert, or during one year’s time. We want our customers to feel confident they will find support and understanding at Emergency Heat, besides excellent service.

Do you have a fixed price scheme?

Every home is different, every heating device is different and the problem you encounter is similar, but not identical to any other. This is why we operate with ranges of prices, which you will be informed about up front, once you contact us. However, we inform our customers every time that there is a certain margin we work with, for situations where the actual problem is smaller than the customer estimated, or situations where additional parts need to be purchased and installed in order for the system to function properly.

Do I receive a guarantee for your services?

Definitely. We offer guarantees that range between 12 months and 5 years, according to the specific service. You do not need to worry about future related problems, because we will try our very best to prevent them, or fix them free of charge if they occur.

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