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Everything you need to know about Emergency Heat

Our history

Emergency Heat. The story of our company could be a movie subject anytime.


Started as a small company, somewhere in North London, in the town of Walthamstow, Emergency Heat was addressing local emergencies concerning faulty boilers. The founder, Erika Wang, had in mind a business model with little risks involved, that would allow her to be independent while providing a service that there was plenty of demand for.


Without much planning from Ms. Wang’s side, the company started to get requests from remote locations, and people needed trustworthy assistance in more than boiler repair. This required fast re-organizing of the human and physical resources. More engineers had to be employed, more vehicles acquired, and a new mindset had to be built inside the team. Being a Business Administration graduate herself, Ms. Wang showed exceptional leadership skills in managing to bring new experts to the enterprise and maintain still the same team spirit that was the solid foundation of Emergency Heat from the very beginning.


Nowadays, the staff counts more than 40 employed staff, the vast majority accredited engineers from Walthamstow, with education completed in London, Edinborough and Manchester. Not only do they cover the entire London with their prompt services, but a large part of South-East England as well.


What was once an emergency boiler repair company covers now a large area of services, and expands every year. Broken boilers, clogged plumbing, central heating that needs to be installed professionally, electrical wires burned? Emergency Heat will address all of these problems and will try its best to send you the most suited engineer for fixing your household problem.


We asked our leader to describe in a few words the journey so far…

‘What has been happening in the last 12 years is something I could not plan or dream of. My initial business plan was a small company that would get revenue mainly from loyal customers, bringing a steady modest income to the employees and myself. The demand for more: more services, more places covered, more experts, was way beyond our expectations. Luckily we did great in learning as we grew, and the team developed organically into what it is today: one of the top companies in London in the field of heating installation and repair.’

Erika Wang

CEO, Emergency Heat

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