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Lets build a better cosmetic crowdfunding site

The ‘My Free Implants’ site has unexpectedly closed down. Interested in a better alternative? Help us create it!

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What we need


We would love to create a long-lasting, feature-rich and rewarding platform for those wanting cosmetic surgery and those generous enough to donate. However, before we plough thousands into creating this site we need your support. We need you to tell us what features you’d like, what to avoid. We would love for you to spread word and be one of the first to join our new site.

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We’ve added a comments section below. Tell us everything! How can we serve you best? We’ll also keep you all updated on how we progress in the comments. Lets get this going!

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  1. Roger

    Hi guys. You have my support for sure. I was a MFI donor for YEARS and made some great relationships. I’ll leave a more detailed comment soon describing the features that made it fun. Thank you

  2. Julie

    This sounds very promising! I didn’t have experience with MFI but the site sounded like just what I was after. If you do create this site, I would be very interested.


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Will the site be called My Free Implants?

No. The reason why we’re using MyFreeImplants in the domain name at the moment is so that people searching for the now closed site, hopefully find us and consider using the new platform.

How long would it take to build?

If we get enough support, we estimate that it will take 8 to 12 weeks to create the new platform (we’ve got a ton of experience in creating crowdfunding sites!). But of course, that will be the first user-ready version and we will continue to develop it.

How do I know my money will be safe with you?

We know you might be concerned that what happened to your money on MyFreeImplants might happen again. We would develop a payment process that enables you to receive funds on an ongoing basis.


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